Conventry's Medieval Treasures

Self-guided Tour

Self-guided Tour

Our brand new self-guided multimedia tour has now launched!

The tour:

  • presents ‘then’ and ‘now’ images to reveal the medieval streets and buildings as depicted by artists and engravers
  • gives a glimpse of what Coventry was like during the Middle Ages.
  • introduces the people associated with the city – from townsfolk and merchants to nobility and royalty, and everyone in between!
  • unearths some of the medieval artefacts recently discovered by archaeologists
  • tells the story of how Coventry became an important royal residence for King Henry VI and Queen Margaret of Anjou in the 1450s
  • reveals exquisite documents that provide a fascinating insight into the social, working, religious and administrative life of the city’s inhabitants
  • encourages you to deepen and enrich your knowledge of medieval Coventry by spending time in the places seen or mentioned on the tour.

Accessing the tour:

• Download the tour on to a smartphone or tablet:

It will run offline without the need for Internet access.

• Find your way to the Metropolis Restaurant on Earl Street to begin.

• Use the attached map or the one online, following the route and pausing at the Stopping Points.

The tour can also be used remotely on a computer PC.


Medieval Coventry is deeply grateful to webapp developers Rich Bishop and Josh Middleton of Orchis Ltd for creating the webapp and making this tour possible. Orchis is the main sponsor for the project.

Special thanks also go to our other sponsors, William A. Cadbury Charitable Trust, Finnis Scott Foundation, The Headley Trust, The Umbrella Club, Coventry, and to anonymous private donors for their generous financial support. We are especially grateful to Culture Coventry Trust for their help in the tour’s creation and to the team of people who carried out the pilot for the project and provided useful feedback.

Many people and organisations have been invaluable in providing expertise, resources, help, advice and encouragement – we greatly appreciate your assistance.

For a full list of those who have contributed to the project, please see here.

The tour includes images of artworks, medieval objects and archives, and contemporary photographs drawn from museums, libraries, private collections and obtained from photographic commissions. We appreciate the assistance we have received and generosity shown from all concerned. Full image credit information is available here.


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